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I loved the first game and I wish I could play the second but the file for windows 10 is conflicting with my virus protection and wont let me play it which is a big bummer for me :(

Don't think there's anything I can do to make Windows 10 recognize it as a real application. Sorry :(


I don't care how old this is, i need a third one.

This was such an amazing game, even the small mini game in the beginning was entertaining enough for my Froggit brain.
Not to mention the unironically good anime sequal.
I need more Temmie content. 100% going to force my friends to play this at gun point recommend this to my friends.

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Thank you for playing. So glad to see my game get some attention even after all this time  :D

Currently working on something else but I may revisit temmies again eventually. Maybe. I'd also like the third one to exist :3


I can't wait to see more of your work. If you ever do make a third one, I'll be sure to play it as soon as I can.

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I played it here, had a blast! 


Made video complaysion

It seems like the GMX and source listed for download here is for version 1.02. Could you please update the download with the 1.04 source? :)


Made a second video


Made a video 

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Awww, thank you mouse.