A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

After securing its place as the "Best Game-like Byproduct Ever*" Tem Dayting Sym boldly goes where no Tem went before. 

In this installment of the Tem Dayting Sym franchise you play as Shop Tem from the first game. She's on a mission to restore the balance to her wallet after getting a degree at some college. 

It's sort of a visual novel, with some slight gameplay variations. Perfect for valentines day.

There are stuff you can do and like a few different endings, I think. Maybe.

*Not an actual title

Special thanks to Froge for his review of Tem Dayting Sym 1 https://kratzen.neocities.org/

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Updated 3 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Animals, Anime, Cute, Dating Sim, Funny, linux, Romance, undertale, weird
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Playing  on Linux:

-Extract the game
-Open "Tem Dayting Sym 2" folder and in that folder right-click and open a terminal
-Type: chmod +x ./runner ,press enter and then type ./runner and press enter


Tem Dayting Sym 2 v1.04 - Windows 16 MB
Tem Dayting Sym 2 v1.03 - Linux 16 MB
Tem Dayting Sym 2 - GMX and Source Files 16 MB

Development log


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I played it here, had a blast! 


Made video complaysion

It seems like the GMX and source listed for download here is for version 1.02. Could you please update the download with the 1.04 source? :)


Made a second video


Made a video 


I think this may be the best game I have ever played.


Awww, thank you mouse.