A downloadable game for Windows

A short game made for 2017 Butterscoth Jam. Theme: "Flying Electric Cephalopod"

You play as an octopus that dreams of going to space. Unfortunatelly it can't. That's why it unloads its frustration on unsuspecting flocks of birds.

2 possible endings, birds and about 5 minutes worth of gameplay.

WASD or Arrow Keys to control.

F4 for fullscreen.

Music: The Sea Beneath Our Feet - Puddle of Infinity:

Sound Effects taken from: http://soundbible.com


Paper Octopus 8 MB
Source Files (GameMaker) 8 MB


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Dude this was AWESOME!!!! It had some background story, amazing and gorgeous artwork, music was totally in the mood, and the ending. I never expected an ending!! Keep up the good work.

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This is a 'Birding' game, possibly the second one in existence!